Universe Orchestra

Universe Orchestra

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22 November 2023 WORLD HITS


25 November 2023 FILM MUSIC


27 November 2023 Film music


28 November 2023 WORLD HITS


29 November 2023 WORLD HITS


20 December 2023 WORLD HITS


Universe Orchestra

Masterpieces of world music!

Legendary Hits with the

Universe Symphony Orchestra!

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Universe Orchestra

About Concerts

Masterpieces of world music! Legendary Hits with the Universe Symphony Orchestra!

Holiday concert. It's great, amazing, beautiful! The concert program includes the best legendary hits, beloved by millions of listeners, which have become masterpieces of world music, they will be performed in unique arrangements in a modern style and will allow listeners to enjoy vivid and unforgettable emotions.

The powerful sound of instruments, the incredible energy of professional musicians, original lighting and effects will allow you to immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere of the magic of legendary hits.

This is an original and atmospheric show that captivated audiences around the world and caused a huge resonance among the European public, where the orchestra's performance was met with amazing success.

Each concert, each performance of the "Universe Orchestra" is a real holiday, excitement and emotions that charge all the spectators in the hall.

Universe Orchestra

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Universe orchestra

Bringing Happiness Through Sound.

The orchestra constantly tours and performs in different countries of the world at the best concert venues, which provides great opportunities for continuous professional growth and performing skills. In addition to musicians and performers, the orchestra has a professional team of managers, organizers, sound and light masters, as well as technical staff.

The well-coordinated systematic and professional work of each member of the orchestra allows us to achieve good quality and worthy results, which the Universe Symphony Orchestra is always ready to give to its beloved listeners.

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