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Universe orchestra

Bringing Happiness Through Sound.

The orchestra constantly tours and performs in different countries of the world at the best concert venues, which provides great opportunities for continuous professional growth and performing skills. In addition to musicians and performers, the orchestra has a professional team of managers, organizers, sound and light masters, as well as technical staff.

The well-coordinated systematic and professional work of each member of the orchestra allows us to achieve good quality and worthy results, which the Universe Symphony Orchestra is always ready to give to its beloved listeners.

Upcoming concerts

2.06.2023 - LEIPZIG | Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, Großer Saal
3.06.2023 - FRANKFURT / MAIN | Alte Oper Frankfurt
4.06.2023 - NÜRNBERG | Meistersingerhalle Nürnberg
5.06.2023 - BERLIN | Friedrichstadt-Palast
6.06.2023 - CUXHAVEN | Kugelbake-Halle Cuxhaven
7.06.2023 - WUPPERTAL | Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal

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